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Calculating the ROI of a Customer Data Platform

Learn four key ways you can leverage a Customer Data Platform to drive immediate and long-term business value.

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Types of Customer Data Platforms


Tag Management

Simple tracking of anonymous users on websites and pages (cookies, beacons, or Javascript). Data can be used to create high-level associations between user activity and products, content, and offers.


Data Management Platform

Restricted to managing audience and campaign data for use in digital ad targeting. Merges anonymous online data with 3rd-party demographic data to create audiences for activation and digital acquisition.


Native Customer Data Platform

Ingests and integrates all anonymous, semi-known, known, PII, and streaming data from all 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-party data sources. Creates and updates a customer’s ‘Golden Record’ in real time and supports advanced analytics for model-based interactions.

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Customer Data Platforms: What They Are, What They Aren't, and Why They Matter

Cut through the confusion and learn what defines a native customer data platform and how you can optimize your customer data to advance your marketing efforts.

Critical Capabilities of a Native CDP

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Fast, Accurate Identity Resolution

Merging identity details from disparate sources using sophisticated progressive cleansing, validation, and matching techniques is the key to learning all that is knowable about a customer. The CDP needs to:

  • Accurately identify and organize records into households
  • Recognize and reflect changes to circumstance (address change, marriage or divorce, births and deaths, new devices or identifiers)
Broad and Deep Data Connectivity

A comprehensive customer data platform must handle online and offline details and connect to any martech, enterprise, or external customer data source. Your CDP needs to support the following types of data:

  • Batch or streaming
  • Internal or external
  • Structured or unstructured
  • Transactional or demographic
  • Personal or general
Line-of-Business Availability

Customer data platforms are neither marketer-only nor central-IT-only solutions. They’re meant to make it easier for marketers and other business users to access the cleansed customer information they need without IT assistance.

  • IT can be a single point of control that manages enterprise connections
  • Marketing should have the ability to access, change, and activate customer data
Real-time updates and real-time access

A CDP should incorporate updates to a customer profile and make that profile available to marketers and other line-of-business users in a time frame that makes sense for the business – whether that is milliseconds or just a few minutes. The following manual processes impede engagement at the cadence of the customer:

  • Batch onboarding
  • “Eventual” availability
  • Multi-second latency for access

Redpoint Global is RealCDP certified by the Customer Data Platform Institute.

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